About Me

Since completing my visual design studies in Romania and the U.K., I, Dragoș Păvăloi (a.k.a Grafo), have been creating traditional art and new media, reflecting and exploring urban visual aesthetics and artefacts of the 20th century.

Decoding the semiotics of antennas, mast towers, and other telecom lines through scientific research at the University of Staffordshire led me to gain a deep fascination for such omnipresent structures. Loading roofscapes in urban settings with metal spike arrays and piercing the horizon in rural surroundings with massive frameworks, my art seeks to raise awareness of the invisible part that technology plays in our tech-driven society.

My work focuses on the dimension, scale, monotony, and materiality of hidden-in-plain-sight “industrial sculptures” and modern communication infrastructures and their possible impact on human beings.

I use a cross-media approach to present the techno-culture hallmarks that empower the super-connected society.

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